Attaching a menu to the header of a GtkTreeView

Hello list,

on the quest to solving a Nautilus bug, I've come across the
interesting problem of attaching a popup menu to a GtkTreeView header.
I am sure this question has been asked dozens of times before, but
quickly searching this list with google showed up only one relevant
thread, dated ~2003 -- hence this mail.

Right now I am using the hack described in [1], and it still works as
of GTK 2.9x. But it is still a hack, and I guess it won't stand a
chance of getting accepted into Nautilus master.

Is there any clean solution? I'm willing to subclass GtkTreeView
(unless it requires to write an insane amount of code), but I wouldn't
really know where to start.

Any hints would be very appreciated.



[1] gnome org/msg16163.html

P.S. Note, I'm not subscribed to the list.

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