Re: Drag from treeview to eventbox

New subscriber following up on a post from last month:

> On 01/14/2011 05:26 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
>> the treeview in gtk 2.* doesn't support DnD to other widgets, let
>> alone other windows.
> Not sure what you're talking about. I have DnD from and to other widgets and other X11 clients just fine without any hacks.
> I wrote this example a long time ago when I was a n00b00n2.
> It can be done even simpler. But it works fine as-is and can be extended to any widget.
> Vikram.

I'd like to use the Gtk.TreeView from gtk-sharp under Linux, Windows,
and Mac. I see that there are some known issues, but some workarounds
in C++.

I'm looking for some advice on how to make TreeView (or something)
work in a drag-and-drop managed Mono Gtk# app on Win, Linux, and Mac.

I have some sample code dragging treeview items onto other widgets:

that works fine in Linux, doesn't allow the drop in Windows (using
Mono after version 2.6.7), and just crashes on the drop (because of no
Context.Targets I suspect) on all versions of Mac Mono.

I've reported the Windows issue as a bug:

Is there a way I can work-around these limitations in Managed C#? Or,
if I need to drop down to unsafe, I could do that too. As long as it
would allow the drop on Windows, and not crash on Mac.

Any assistance much appreciated!


PS - here is my goal:

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