Re: My *.tyoes file remains empty

On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 09:10:46AM +0100, David Boesner wrote:
> I cannot declare something in my Gtspi.types file, because make  doesn't
> create my html-documentation then.   I cannot even include files that I can
> include in my other .c files in the .types file.

Did you try to put the dclarations to the .type files???  That's not what
I meant.

gtk-doc should *recognise* the foo_get_type() declarations in your
headers and, if you pass --rebuild-types, create the corresponding
.types file.  If it does not recognise your .types declarations
something is wrong with them (note gtk-doc does not include a full C
parser so wrong can mean an unusual coding style).  That's why I asked
if your foo_get_type() declarations look as is usual.


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