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> Subject: Re: resolution independence
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> Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 12:44 PM
> On 2011-04-12 at 10:47, cheshirekow
> wrote:
> > I read several messages in the archives from 2008
> regarding resolution
> > independence. It's listed on the GTK+3.0 roadmap for
> 3.0 release.
> > However, I can't really find anything more about it
> since 2008. I'm
> > currently going through the documentation, but I
> figured I would ask:
> > has RI been implemented in gtk+3.0?
> no, it hasn't. mostly because the issue is far more subtle
> than
> providing an "easy api for scaling a widget".
> the gtk+ team is still thinking about this, though progress
> has yet to
> be made.
> the original branch/patch from 2008 was written with
> backward
> compatibility in mind; it wasn't a great approach, so it
> should be
> reworked from scratch. but, again, it's not as simple as it
> looks like.
> ciao,
>  Emmanuele.

Out of curiosity decided to check the state of the issue in Qt: :

Widgets and Layouts

Qt 4.4 introduced support for geometry and layout-aware items through QGraphicsWidget. This special base item is similar to QWidget, but unlike QWidget, it doesn't inherit from QPaintDevice; rather from QGraphicsItem instead. This allows you to write complete widgets with events, signals & slots, size hints and policies, and you can also manage your widgets geometries in layouts through QGraphicsLinearLayout and QGraphicsGridLayout.

Building on top of QGraphicsItem's capabilities and lean footprint, QGraphicsWidget provides the best of both worlds: extra functionality from QWidget, such as the style, font, palette, layout direction, and its geometry, and resolution independence and transformation support from QGraphicsItem. 

So, so I understand correctly that Qt supports resolution independence ?


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