Re: resolution independence

On 2011-04-12 at 10:47, cheshirekow wrote:
> I read several messages in the archives from 2008 regarding resolution
> independence. It's listed on the GTK+3.0 roadmap for 3.0 release.
> However, I can't really find anything more about it since 2008. I'm
> currently going through the documentation, but I figured I would ask:
> has RI been implemented in gtk+3.0?

no, it hasn't. mostly because the issue is far more subtle than
providing an "easy api for scaling a widget".

the gtk+ team is still thinking about this, though progress has yet to
be made.

the original branch/patch from 2008 was written with backward
compatibility in mind; it wasn't a great approach, so it should be
reworked from scratch. but, again, it's not as simple as it looks like.



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