Re: Contribution: portuguese translation for GTK+ 2.0 Tutorial

Good for you Peter.
Sorry I can't answer your question but as a user of GTK I did want to
express my gratitude.

On 30 September 2010 12:47, Peter Jandl Jr. <pjandl gmail com> wrote:
> Hello!
> My name is Peter Jandl Jr. I am a teacher in Brazil, working with C and Java
>  programming. I have no experience with GTK, but I want to learn and help my
> students to use this framework.
> Considering this, I would like to contribute to the GTK+ project with the
> translation of the GTK+2.0 tutorial to brazilian portuguese.
> May I do this work?
> I got the file gtk-tutorial.20021027.tar.gz and I suppose that the first
> step would be translate the gtk-tut.sgml, but I have no idea on how to
> convert the sgml file to all other formats offered in that package.
> I hope my help could be, some how, useful.
> Thanks.
> Peter
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