Re: How to build GTK+ for win32

2010/9/27 Alex <eaglehover 163 com>:
> Hi all,
>       I download gtk+ sources files and other dependencies such as pango,
> atk, glib, then use the Microsoft compiler, cl and Make, nmake to build
> them. The makefile.msc files donot work correctly. How can I build gtk+ for
> win32 ?

You can either build gtk using MSVC or with gcc using mingw. In the
first case you need makefile.msc, in the second case you just run
./configure with the desired options.

>      "All-in-one bundles" on, How are they
> built ?

As far as I know those are build using mingw on windows. By far the
easiest approach for building for windows is to use mingw on linux,
i.e. cross-compile all the libraries. This is even more true when you
want to build git versions of gtk instead of packaged tarballs,
because all the autotools are easy to install on your typical

> Best wishes,
> Alex


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