Gedit lib-ification, or add higher level functionnalities in GtkSourceView


Writing an IDE with GTK+ and GtkSourceView involves a lot of work, and I think that a lot of Gedit custom widgets can be reused, like GeditDocument or GeditFileChooserDialog [1].

There are common features in all text editors that are not supported by GtkSourceView, and each IDE have its own implementations. It's a waste of effort I think.

IDE written in Qt use the KTextEditor API, implemented by Kate Part [2]. This library have higher level functionnalities than GtkSourceView.

So it would be nice to have some Gedit custom widgets in a library, or develop higher level functionnalities in GtkSourceView. What is the best idea?

Maybe you think that it's better to write a Gedit plugin than writing a new IDE. Indeed, for some small features like documents statistics it's better. But in some cases I think it's not a good idea. Good examples are Anjuta and Nemiver.

Since a higher level library than GtkSourceView doesn't exist yet, what is the best way to start a new IDE with the current situation?


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