Re[4]: Does GTK leak memory

Hello Sergei,

SS> You have at least two more choices:

Well i have evaluated all toolkits and decided to go with the 3 native
ones, MFC 9.0, GTK and Cocoa and write my own small application wrapper
around this.

SS> 1) wxWidgets (native look and feel under Windows);

This is using GTK so it wouldn't change anything.
The WxUniversal and WxQT is still very alpha.

SS> 2) Qt.

Decided against it because it's C++ and to heavyweight if you have to
write a wrapper around the GUI parts for another language anyway.

Also i found that GTK apps look better on KDE then QT apps look on
GNOME. So GTK is in my opinion the "native" platform toolkit for Linux.
Especially after the KDE 4 epic fall.

Best regards,
 Lothar                            mailto:llothar web de

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