Problems OpenGL + GTK + Windows


While investigating a problem I had with OpenGL and recent GTK+
versions [1], I found out that GtkWidget do not map anymore to
native windows anymore and there's no way to force it. Using
gtk_widget_set_has_window() has no effect and tracing the code in
gdkwindow.c tells me native windows are only used for toplevel
windows or widget with different colormap or visual than their parent.

I found gdk_window_ensure_native(), but this can only be called
*after* a GdkWindow has been created.

The problem is that this seems to break OpenGL support under
Windows, as the OpenGL context takes ownership of the whole
graphics context, conflicting with regular graphics engine
(like GDI under Win32).

Am I the only experiencing this problem? Was anybody successful
in using GTK+OpenGL under Win32?



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