Re: RE: Doubts about creating a new widget

I'm programming in Vala, and I've wrote this (for testing the class):

>>  menu_entry2.add_with_properties (new ToggleButton.with_label ("JAJAJA"), "expander-size", 0);

because (in "theory", the expander-size property is the size of the left triangle..), but in the practice the code is equivalent to:

>>  menu_entry2.add (new ToggleButton.with_label ("JAJAJA"));

and the squere is still appearing.

The documentation says that this property is read-only... but.. then, why is needed, i understant that exists the possibility of set it, anyone knows how?

Thanks in advance :) .

2010/7/12 CaStarCo <castarco gmail com>
Yes, it's the web i've found too, it's interesting :) .

Now I have question about GtkExpander, I've searched in the documentation page:

How can I remove or hide the left icon (a triangle, or, in my case, a little square with a cross inside) that are in all the GtkExpander widgets?

I can't find it here :p. (I want to put my own label widget with an icon instead of a simple text label, i know how can i do this, but if i do it then the square it's unneeded and looks ugly)

Thanks in advance! :)

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