Re: RE: Doubts about creating a new widget

On Jul 12, 2010 11:51am, Jeff Hallock <Jhallock wbanda com> wrote:
> Hmmm…. I able to find one immediately by googling “gtk expander
> screenshot”. Who’d a thought…

I monitor this list because I know I'll eventually learn something new, I am far from complete in my knowledge of "stuff". For giggles I decided to take Jeff's advice and google exactly that; "gtk expander screen shot", since I wasn't exactly sure what an "expander" was, and found this:

Its apparently some intelligent guy's blog, and the page in question is a nice little treatise on gtk widgets. Its a little better than the canonical documentation, it gives a little more background on each gtk widget, some context with code (Mono, but who cares?) and some more detail on each option, given that the information isn't already presented earlier on and not redundant. Its very brief, but did contain some info new to me. This could actually help me picture what I need to do and what I need out of a gtk widget in the future. If you need to put a particular scenario in context with regard to gtk and the rather dry documentation canon doesn't really help, you might give this guy's blog a perusal.

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