2.16 vs 2.18 difference

I am trying to track down https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=607775
and it is beginning to look like a regression in gtk 2.16 -> 2.18, but it
I am finding it hard to put my finger on what changed.

Basically, if you start dasher on a gtk 2.18 + cairo system, the
GtkDrawingArea is the default grey. On a gtk 2.16 + cairo system, it is
drawn correctly. Using gtk + gdk, it is also drawn correctly.

The last point suggests that dasher's event handling is correct...
There are many inter-library dependences, so it's hard to know which one
is the root cause.

Do any of you recognise this?



(I'm basically waiting for flood of "dasher is broken on ubuntu koala"...)

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