Re: Window decoration question

> Sorry for my curiosity, but why?

Because Windows doesn't have a supported and documented way to do it
as far as I know. Sure, there are "shell replacements" (in Windows
terminology, "shell" means "window manager") with more or less
enthusiastic user communities, but still, my impression is that you
*will* get incompatibilities, and no serious software maintainer
(open source or proprietary) will bother with problems that occur in
their code only when some shell replacement is used.

> Maybe this not a right mailing-list?

Probably not, as I doubt very much GTK+ could be used to write a shell
replacement. (Or even if it could, whether it would be a good idea,
and whether you would be able to attract any other developers that

There are Open Source Windows shell replacements, see . You could
participate in one of those projects and attempt to port /
re-implement the GTK+ theme you want. Be aware that the programming
style in such projects very likely is quite different from what you
might be accustomed to seeing in a Linux / GNOME / GTK+ culture,


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