A problem with a treeview header's columns

Title: A problem with a treeview header's columns


I've posted the bug 610277 on https://bugzilla.gnome.org but I'm not sure I will have a quick response and a solution... maybe someone will help me on this mailing list.

As i posted, i'm working with directfb 1.4.3 and gtk 2.16.6
I've include a GtkTreeView into a GtkScrolledWindow into a GtkHBox
The Hbox contain 3 elements and the scrolled window is include in the middle one.
Two columns compose the treeview's model.
When the first is too large to show the complete data the horizontal scrollbar appears in the bottom of the window.

=> all is working well for the data in the rows but the first row (the header one) is not painted correctly.
The "button" corresponding to the column header is painted out of the scrolled window upper the third hbox element.
Moreover, when I'm scrolling horizontally the labels in the header's columns move but not the "buttons" in the background.
It is like the "background buttons" are not resized to fit to the scrolledwindow and take all the place.

I was working with gtk 2.12 before and I didn't meet this problem.
I can't work with gtk 2.18 because I can't start my application because of a bug on directfb not resolved yet !
I think this bug is resolved with the version 2.18 because I've tryed my application on ubuntu with gtk2.18 and I didn't meet it.

I've tryed to look at the code in gtk 2.18 to correct my bug but gdk has so many changes and i don't know exactly what is the problem.

I need a patch, thanks by advance for any help


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