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You know, what followed. I learned that border-width means margin-width
with gtk, but that was of course no reason to continue searching. The 
inevitable result: Hours of senseless pain. I am probaly fairly dumb 
(i've met really better brains in my life playing bridge for example) - 
on the other hand i am someone capable of learning Python's infamous 
C-.API and to make depikt.

Yes, you can make high-quality-surfaces with gtk. You can determine every
pixel of your widget, if you want. But the way thereto is nearly not documented
at all. And the standard equipment is leading to surfaces as gnumeric has - 
reminding me at GEM on the Atari ST.

During 3 years the documentation of gtk and gtk itself has never ceased to cause
this kind of pain. It is my fourth GUI-builder - and what is in the tutorial is 100%
useless in such a situation. No word about the style sharing, no word about the
needed full path to a widget's name in rc files, (probably) no word about
property-notify events, no word about what "Style properties" in the
references mean ... These thousands of pages have caused a lot of work on
your side - with about 100 good pages they were as useful as they could and
should be as the result of so much work

Only last week i learned that the "GtkEntry::cursor-color" in

GtkEntry::cursor-color = "DarkGrey"

is necessary - or is it not ? Again in a session fighting rc syntax with pain.
No chance at all to get to fluid writing with this beasty material. That comes
absolutely unexpected, after all we will link the style, where it is in, to an entry
(and we absolutely should, when we want to produce well maintainable 
software) thus it looks redundant on the first view.

What i had to learn in November under pains also is, that you have to
write the full path to the widget down in lines like:

widget "OKambaDialog.outer_bd.inner_bd" style 

"OKambaDialog" is necessary here - again deviating from what 
contemporary programmers know from CSS's id versus class.
And if someone is prepared to this difference to class, he would 
probably expect this whole path with "class", not with "widget".

And i had found it somewhere on library.gnome.org - yes it is documented.
But not at the prominent place, where it has to. This must be in one 
of the first  paragraphs on .rc files everywhere.

gtk authors will have had reasons for this ideosyncratic behavior of "widget". 

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