Re: Is it possible to share a callback function in order to detect which a button is clicked?

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 06:47:31PM +0900, Bokyun Na wrote:
> I appreciate for your attention on my problem.
> I think we have a little bit different point of view on this problem.
> I want to make a callback function on several buttons or even on drawing
> areas.
> For example, when I clicked a button, A, this callback function knows that
> button A is clicked and 
> When button B is clicked the callback function knows that B is clicked.
> That is,
> void on_window_partition (GtkWidget *widget, dm_t *dm)
> {
>   if (button A is clicked) then printf("button A is clicked");
>   else if (button B is clicked) then printf ("button B is clicked");
>   ...
> } 
> Of course, you can say every callback function for every button. But I
> should take only one callback function for several buttons to detect which a
> button is clicked.

IMO this was explained in the first answer but anyway.  You get the
button that was clicked as the first argument (GtkWidget *widget above).

This is THE ultimate identification as you have the object.  For
instance, to get the corresponding drawing area you put inside just use

Anyway, if you want some kind of names (and please consider if you
really do because it seems you are trying do something unnecessarily
convoluted) you can do

g_object_set_data(G_OBJECT(button), "id", "A");
g_object_set_data(G_OBJECT(button), "id", "B");

when you construct the buttons and then do

g_print("Button %s was pressed.\n", g_object_get_data(G_OBJECT(widget), "id"));

in the callback.


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