Is it possible to share a callback function in order to detect which button is clicked?

I put a simple code to test which a button is clicked

There are two buttons.

I would know which button is clicked in the function “on_window_partition()”.

Any idea?




/* ************** recog_darea.c ****************************************/

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include <stdio.h>


typedef struct dm_t_tag {

  int nwin;

  int clicked;

} dm_t;


/* Function Prototypes */


GtkWidget *makeFixedContainer(GtkWidget *window, dm_t *dm);


int main(int argc,char *argv[])


  GtkWidget *window;

  GtkWidget *topbox;


  dm_t dm;


  gtk_init (&argc, &argv); 

  window = gtk_window_new(GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);


  gtk_object_set_data (GTK_OBJECT (window), "window", window);

  gtk_widget_set_usize (window, 260, 150);

  gtk_window_set_policy(GTK_WINDOW(window), FALSE, TRUE, TRUE);

  gtk_window_set_position (GTK_WINDOW (window), GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER);

  gtk_window_set_default_size (GTK_WINDOW (window), 260, 150);

  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(window), "destroy", GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(gtk_main_quit), NULL);


  topbox = gtk_hbox_new(FALSE, 0);

  gtk_container_add(GTK_CONTAINER(window), topbox);

  gtk_container_set_border_width(GTK_CONTAINER(topbox), 5);


  makeFixedContainer (topbox, &dm);




  return 0;



void on_window_partition (GtkWidget *widget, dm_t *dm)


  fprintf (stderr, "darea %d is clicked.\n", dm->clicked);



GtkWidget *makeFixedContainer(GtkWidget *window, dm_t *dm)


  int i, j, num;

  GtkWidget *table;

  GtkWidget *afixed;


  GtkWidget *button[2];

  GtkWidget *darea[2];

  GtkWidget *fixed[2]; 


  afixed = gtk_fixed_new ();

  gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX(window), afixed, FALSE, TRUE, 0);

  gtk_widget_show (afixed);


  for(j = 0; j < 1; j++) {

    for(i = 0; i < 2; i++) {

      num = i + 2 * j;

      button[num] = gtk_button_new();

      fixed[num] = afixed;


      darea[num] = gtk_drawing_area_new ();

      gtk_drawing_area_size (GTK_DRAWING_AREA(darea[num]), 100, 80);

      gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER(button[num]), darea[num]);

      gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(button[num]), "clicked", GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(on_window_partition), dm);


      gtk_fixed_put (GTK_FIXED(fixed[num]), button[num], 120*i, 85*j);

      gtk_widget_realize (darea[num]);




  return table;


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