Re: Change the default keyboard behaviour on tree control

On Dec 9, 2010, at 11:47 PM, Damián Nohales wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using GNOME the last years and I begin to note that a usability leaks on the GTK tree control.
> I never develop software using GTK+ library, but I guess that the problem begins with the default behaviour with the keyboard tree control manipulation. An intuitive mode to program this behaviour is that all the tree control can be navigated using only the key arrows, I think the easiest way to understand the control behavior. However, the left and right arrows do not have any functionality in the tree control. The functionality of these arrows (open and close tree nodes) is provided by "+" and "-" keys, something besides being uncomfortable, it cost me to discover :-( .

The left and right arrows do have functionality, but this is not visible in each GtkTreeView.  You should be able to open and close nodes using shift+left and shift+right as well.

In the past we have tried to map the current functionality of the left and right keys to something else and bind node open and close to left and right.  However, after a while the opposite complaint came in from other people, so it is impossible to please everybody.  (See if interested).

In either case, it should be possible to re-configure the keybindings yourself if wished, see



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