Re: What compiler is used to build GTK+ Windows packages?

Hello, anyone?

On Sun, 5 Dec 2010 14:19:23 +0400
Alexander Shaduri wrote:

> I'd like to know which version of mingw (gcc), binutils, w32api and
> mingw-runtime were used when compiling the win32 packages of GTK+
> located here:
> Also, are there any plans to use the mingw64 toolchain (like at
> )?
> Maybe for GTK+ 3?
> Are there any plans to make the non-experimental (that is, backwards
> binary-compatible) releases of win64 packages?
> What toolchain is used to build that and which version?

Tor, you're compiling those win32 packages, correct?
If so, could you please add this info to the README file
of gtk-bundle?


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