Space used by textview in scrolled window


How can I make a scrolled window use all of the available space in a
notebook page?

In the application I am writing (in Haskell, using gtk2hs), the top
level window contains a hpaned container. The right pane contains a
notebook. One of the pages of the notebook, labelled "Comments",
contains a vbox with two childs (packed at the end): another notebook
and an hbox for some buttons. This notebook contains a table with some
rows and two columns. The first column is a label and the second column
is an entry, except for the last row, which has a textview in a scrolled
window instead of an entry. A screenshot can be found at

There is space available in the "Comments" page that is not being
used. My question is, how can I make the textview use all the available


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