Changing GDK events

Hello, I'm facing some situation: I have two toplevel windows, let's say A and B. A is in front of B. What I want to do is to keep the focus on the window A while sending the key press/release events to the window B. (see here for more information:

I tried to set a custom GDK event handler in order to modify the key press/release events before sending them to GTK, but when I change the window of the event, there is no effect on the B window (I think the cause could be the focus on window A and not B). I'm copying the event using gdk_event_copy() in order to modify it.

Is there another way to do that ? I need to keep the window A in front of the window B, and still be able to change focus from A to B without changing the stack appearance order of the windows. If I don't use the custom event handler, when I click into the window B, it doesn't change the focus from window A to B, the focus remains in window A, that is my problem.

The backend environment is X11.

Great thanks !
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