Re: How to implement a global hot-key listener ?

Am Montag, den 06.12.2010, 01:19 -0300 schrieb Erick Pérez Castellanos:
> Hey:
> > so i think system wide hotkey registrations and management is something
> > at least GTK 3 should so support!!! (so this is something for the
> > gtk-devel list i think)
> You do realize there's no way that is gtk responsibility. Global, system
> wide hotkey is not for gtk to handle, That is for the window manager/desktop
> enviroment/whatever manager you've been running, to catch and then signal
> the applications to do something in response.

normally it would be the display manager, but i never heard of a good
library or a gnome library who does it an using the X code directly is
also no good especially because canoncial want to replace X.
so in the near future a decend wrapper would be good anyway.
and as in other systems windows manager functionns and gui functions
aren't seperated  (see win32 for example) other gui toolkits like
wxWidgets implement a wrapper (wich atm does'nt work with the gtk
backend with linux which is a great downside for linux, gnome and gtk)
as you as coder don't have a function that will work regardless of what
to expect if GTK is present....
so i would vote for a wrapper in GTK. 

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