Re: TouchScreen scrolling?

This functionality (generally known as 'kinetic scrolling') is not
available with
the current GtkScrolledWindow. I have some ideas on how it could be
implemented and as it's a pretty popular feature, someone might already
be in the process of developing this.

You might be able to achieve this by subclassing the GtkScrolledWindow
and handling the mouse events yourself to drive the scroll adjustment
positions (however this might turn out to be complex as you would
want the scrollbars to dissapear and the current scrolled window
only does scrolling when the scrollbars are visible, so it would involve
duplicating some of the scrolled window's size request/allocation code
which is ... tricky).


On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 8:40 PM,  <captain deadly gmail com> wrote:
> Hello all,
>    trying to write an app that runs on a touch screen device without a mouse.
> I can't find too much info but could well be looking in the wrong place or with
> the wrong search string.
> I've a list of items in a TreeView which I'd like to be able to grab to
> scroll. At present I'm presenting a popup menu on a double click so that I
> don't confuse the click to drag with the double click. Is there some way of
> achieving this grab to scroll functionality in gtk?
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