Re: GTK+ on windows

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 03:49:16PM +0200, Dov Grobgeld wrote:
> One more thing.

More or less agreeing with the previous points, except the main one:

> After a long time of DLL-hell it has been settled that each
> application provides an entire copy of all the gtk runtime environment.

But why on earth it needs to be *bundled* with the application?

Even though the application installs a private copy of Gtk+ why it needs
to do so on every update?

> This
> solves the earlier problem of competing gtk environments, and one
> application causing others not to work. Please don't try to generate an
> "official" gtk version that everybody should settle on. It hasn't worked in
> the past.

It has worked for me.  Not everyone wants to maintain a private Gtk+ MS
Windows distribution.

A Gtk+ distribution that could be installed privately for an application
but would be still separated from the application would be terrific.

There needs to be some mechanism to coordinate the installation
directory of the app and this plug-in Gtk+ distro, but supporting that
in the app is much less work than supporting entire Gtk+.

> The overhead of the entire gtk distribution isn't more than a
> around 12M which is negligible with todays hard disks.

I'm sorry, if my application has 1.5 MB then 12 MB is not negligible
*no matter how large the disks are*.


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