Re: GTK+ on windows

2009/10/13 Dov Grobgeld <dov grobgeld gmail com>:
> I have created several cross-platform gtk programs, and while it took a
> while to get right the first time, my development is now so trustworthy that
> I can do all my development under Linux and then once it works, just
> generate a windows installer and I know that it will just work. I am using
> mingw for all my windows gtk work, and usually I'm doing the windows
> generation through cross compilation. My build environment is scons with a
> SConstruct file that has a couple of if's in the beginning to resolve the
> differences between the different environments.
> Trying to say that using mingw instead of MSVC makes the result less native
> is as absurd as saying that using the Intel compiler would make it less
> native. Of course there are people who for whatever reason prefer the Studio
> IDE, and I respect that. (Can you configure Studio to use gcc instead of
> microsoft like you can make it use the intel compiler?) In any case, as gtk
> is a pure c-program, there are no ABI differences between the visual
> compiler and gcc. So why can't you just use the standard gtk distribution

I'm making a library using a cross compilation environment and it
works fine, except when one tries to use that library I've compiled
using mingw from the visual studio IDE because then the whole
application ends up being linked to several msvcrt*.dll files which
can't share anything, and crashes if anything is shared (like for
example stdout).

So for libraries, the environment (and compiler) used to generate the
DLL is important for the person using that DLL and from what I know
Windows developpers most of the time don't use GCC.

Anyway that's my small Windows experience.


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