Re: Gtkbuilder on win32 issues

Guess what, the program works fine for me with the GTK+ 2.16.6 bundle from . I have the "bin"
from that in PATH, no other GTK+ related directories in PATH, and I verified
with gdb that the DLLs really are from that bundle. I have i18ntest.exe in a
folder, runb msgfmt -o ru/LC_MESSAGES/ ru.po, and then run LANG=ru
./i18ntest. The label says Русский тест .

(If a create a Swedish message catalog, and run i18ntest without any LANG
environment variable, I get the Swedish translation just fine, too, as my
Windows locale is Swedish (Finland).)

I also tested with the 2.16.1 bundle, and with the 2.14.7 bundle, also worked


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