Gtkbuilder on win32 issues


First of all, i'd like to thank you and all other developers for the cool
software and for all the help you've provided me so far.

I want to report a problem that is most probably related to the gettext
itself rather than to gtk and is (as far as i understand) caused by
weirdness of environment and data handling for windows DLLs.

The simple example (attached) creates a minimal window with translatable
strings. Message catalog location is set to "." on start, so when i place in ./ru/LC_MESSAGES/ and start in appropriate locale, i see
everything translated, just as expected. This is how it is supposed to work
and actually works on my Debian host.

On windows there're several problems:

1. Gettext called by gtkbuilder searches for translation only in default
catalog (

2. The default catalog needs to be located at absolute path, for the binary
version of gettext-runtime it's

3. When i copy the catalog to that fixed location, gettext returns strings
in 8bit codepage (cp1251) which confuses Pango and no text is seen (no
bind_textdomain_codeset helps here).

Surprisingly, with the version of gettext-runtime for windows i
cross-compiled myself (0.17, the same as the binary), i do not experience

So far, i'm now able to get my app to work in an acceptable manner in adhoc
way (3. is solved automagically, 2. can be fixed by patching
gettext-runtime prior to recompiling, 1. is workarounded by calling
gtk_builder_set_translation_domain()) but it would be nice to see a real
fix of course.

Be free, use free ( software!
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