dynamically growing 2D aray of structues

Title: dynamically growing 2D aray of structues

I dare ask for some guidelines as I am not a programmer and never came across glib before.
At the time being I have to embed some code into a package (Galopps: a Genetic Algorithm) which is totally implemented in C language.
To be consistent with Galopps style I have to use glib functions.
I have just started to use the simplest glib primitives and data types.
Now I am stuck with the following problem. I know there are a lot of experts out there who can give me a couples of hints.
I have to generate a 2D array of structures which grows dynamically in both directions.
The structure is defined as follows:

typedef struct {
        gchar *id;
        gchar *description;
        gchar *sequence;
        gint sequence_len;
 } fasta_sequence;

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you in advance,

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