Re: Hiding modal dialogs

Yes. So I was asking about hiding the dialog without closing it. It's not obvious to me why setting the dialog's "visible" property causes its main loop to quit.


On Tue, 24 Nov 2009, Donny Viszneki wrote:

The modal dialogs I've used offer a "run" method (working from Python)
which not only introduces the modal dialog, but pushes/nests a further
GMainLoop onto the main loop stack. By default, when the user hits a
button to end the dialog, this causes that GMainLoop to return, and my
"run" method to return me the code for the way the user closed the
dialog. At this point I call a "hide" method to hide the dialog, and
everything turns back to normal. Calling "run" again reappears the
dialog and re-pushes its main loop.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 6:22 PM, John J Lee <jjl pobox com> wrote:
Is it possible to hide and re-show modal dialogs?

Trying this in a tiny app, calling gtk_widget_hide_all() or setting the
visible property true on a running modal dialog caused its main loop to

I no longer intend to try to do this in real code -- I'm just curious re
whether its possible, and why.  The original use case involved hiding all
dialogs using a generic function that doesn't know about specific dialogs.

Is there a way to hide a modal dialog without quitting its event loop?



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