Re: Why there's still ONE element left after g_slist_free () ?

If you give a pointer to g_slist_length() which is not null the result must be at least 1, because only the null value shows the end of the list. The g_slist_free function does not set it's parameter to null (as it can not do it) so your GSList * variable after the function call points to a freed (maybe reallocated) memory segment. Depending on the content of the pointed memory (especially the next member of the GSList struct) the return value of the g_slist_length will be 1 or greater. The surprise is the result not a segmentation fault. :)

PenT wrote:
I created a GSList and then free it using g_slist_free (), then I call g_slist_length() and it return 1, surprising!

I thought after g_slist_free (), the GSList should be empty(NULL), why still 1 left?

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