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Vivien Malerba wrote:
> 2009/5/6 patkhor <indyz-fluke hotmail com>
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to add GUI for my application and I choose to do it with Gtk+.
>> I've asked on this forum before about multithreading, but I still can't
>> get
>> it right. I found few examples on how to use gthread on the web, but none
>> of
>> them answers my question.
>> My problem is:
>> I provide the user with the OK button, when user click on that button,
>> the
>> program will create some number of threads (more than 10) and each
>> threads
>> will do time-consuming work in the background. I successfully compiled my
>> program, but when I click on OK button, the main window freeze (display
>> "not
>> responding" message on Windows machine).
>> One person on this forum suggested to me (thank you very much) that I
>> should
>> make the threads unjoinable because the main thread have to wait for all
>> threads to finish their execution that's why the main window freeze. So I
>> eliminate all g_thread_join() but the problem still occur.
>> Could someone please give me little sample code that provide only one
>> button. When that button is clicked some number of threads will do
>> something
>> time-consuming in the background (something simple like multiplying
>> numbers
>> 1000 times in the for loop, just to give me an idea).
> Here is a very simple example to get you started. It will be easy to add
> thread joining, and it's missing some locking.
> Vivien
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Thank you very much. I really appriciate your help.
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