Re: Changing the GUI dynamically created by glade

saurabh gupta wrote:
> I think, I didn;t get your solution. When I made the GUI in glade, I
> will add one hbox. I can't add many hbox initially in the glade as the
> number of hbox is varying and can be large (upto 100). So what I
> wanted is to increase the number of rows in vbox and then replicate
> the hbox . The need is to replicate the whole hbox with all its
> properties. How can I retrieve the hbox widget from glade file and
> then duplicate it.

You don't "duplicate" it.  You simply create a new hbox widget and pack
it into the vbox programmatically.  The vbox doesn't have x number of
rows in it.  That's just a glade thing.  vboxes are simply containers.
You can pack as many things into it as you want at runtime.

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