Re: Grayed-out but sensitive buttons

On Mi, 11.03.2009 09:39, Pierre-Luc Beaudoin wrote:

>> I would like buttons to have a grayed-out appearance, as they do when
>> the sensitivity is set to false, but not grayed-out behaviour, thus
>> still react to user input. Is that possible?
>The purpose of grayed-out is to inform the user that the button is
>non-reactive.  If you gray it out but still want it to be reactive, IMHO
>you are doing something wrong for your user.  You'll just drive him

That was meant to be a technical question, not about UI best practises
or usability.

Anyways, although I've been trying for quite some time, I find the
solution only right after I sent a mail to the list. Sorry for the

If anybody cares: It can be done by making the child widget of the
button insensitive.


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