Missing functionality GtkAction / GtkAccelMap

While developing my app, I ran into some limitations of GtkAction and
the accelerator map.
My app is in C#, so it uses the Gtk# bindings from Mono, but below I
refer to the C api.

It currently is not possible to activate an action without connecting
it to a proxy widget. What
I want to do is just:
   gtk_action_new ()
   gtk_action_set_accel_path ()
   gtk_action_set_accel_group ()
   gtk_action_connect_accelerator ()
And then receive the activate signal on the action when the key
assigned to the accell path
is pressed. It seems that this is not possible without a proxy.

Furthermore, it is not possible to assign multiple accelerators with
an accel_path. I would
like to be able to do:
   gtk_accel_map_add_entry("<app>/path", key_up, 0)
   gtk_accel_map_add_entry("<app>/path", key_end, 0)
And have the action for that path activated for both the up and end
key. Is this possible?

If both problems really are missing functionality and can't be worked
around easily, I'm
willing to try to submit some patches, if this functionality is deemed useful.

Maarten Bosmans

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