Questions about Contributions / Licensing for GTK+

I'm currently working with my development team in consuming GTK+ for our development and use with Mozilla Firefox and before including into my product I needed to verify a couple items:

1.  Is there a policy / procedure in place on how code is maintained?  Mainly need some assurances that code that we're using doesn't contain any contaminated code or code that wasn't originally written by the developer.

2.  Is there some verification (i.e. code scans) done to ensure that there isn't any violation of your policies (assuming the answer to #1 is yes).

Thanks in advance,

Bryant Lee, PMP®, SCPM
IBM Certified Senior Project Manager
Information Archive Development Mgr / Proj Mgr
Email : bryantl us ibm com
Phone: (408)927-2146 or tl: 457 - 2146

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