Cross Compiling GTK+ on x86 for ARM

Hi all,
I am trying to cross compile the GTK+ libraries with DirectFB and all of
its dependent libraries on a Linux machine with the x86 architecture for
an ARM board.
I am using the cross toolchain gcc-3.3.4-glibc-2.3.2.
I just can't seem to get the process to work completely from start to
My first question is - has anyone completed this process successfully
and have it documented somewhere that I can take a look at?
Second - the main issue I have come across that is a currently a road
block for me is the following:
When I try to install the ATK libraries after I have made the GLIB
libraries I get the following error:
glib-genmarshal: error while loading shared libraries:
/usr/TS7390GTKfb/lib/ ELF file OS ABI invalid

This tells me that the host version of glib-genmarshal can't read the
libglib that I just built because its for the target.
So I set the PATH to the glib-genmarshal that was built while
cross-compiling glib but the host can't run that program because the
binary is from ARM (my target board).

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