Mixing immediate drawing with drawing via expose events

As far as I could retrieve from the different forums and on-line documentation it is possible to draw outside the expose-event but all point out that its better to draw via the expose event. Currently this is a problem for my paint algorithm as a complete model is being updated with information of which parts to draw and which not. So i.e: I have an object that has a flag if its painted or not. The normal flow would be:

Immediate paint
  if paint flag of object is set then
      draw object
      mark object as painted
end immediate paint

expose paint
   if object intersects with the clip then
     draw object
end expose paint

In an ideal world I would mix them together and would get something like

  if paint flag is set of object intersect with the clip then
     draw object
     if not an system generated expose event  ***
        mark object as painted
end paint

Unfortunately I can not test on the condition marked by the ***. Removing that condition could in some cases mark the object as painted though it was only partially painted (as a result of a clip) by the expose event.

Considering this problem I have the next questions:

1. all the immediate drawing is done as a result of a key- or mouse-event (so no extra thread). Isn't the event-dispatcher for the key- and mouse-event handled by the same thread as the expose-event dispatcher (or even they are the same event-dispatcher?). So if that is the case then am I not running a single threaded program and therefore the immediate drawing should not interfere with the expose event drawing?

2. Is it somehow possible to add extra info to an expose event so I my expose-event-handle can at least detect that the event was the result of a call to invalidate originating from me and not from the system?

3. gdk_flush, gdk_display_flush, gdk_display_sync I can call whatever I like these do not seem to work. gdk_window_begin_paint_rect and gdk_window_end_paint_rect just these appear to be more of the kind 'clear the area with the background color'. Is there maybe another hidden function which could solve my problem ?

Douwe Vos


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