How to watch file descriptor activity via GMainLoop?

I'm trying to integrate a raw socket based communication link into a main loop using GMainLoop - on the server-side, i.e. the process that listens for connections on the sockets. Does anyone have any good examples on how this might be done? I suppose I want a callback, doing accept() on the socket, every time there is activity on the main file descriptor for the socket, and subsequently when data arrives on the filedescriptor(s) from accept() - but how exactly do I set this up?

Maybe GPollFd and g_source_add_poll() are the keys here, but the documentation is not very clear on how to use these. Also, a normal GSourceFunc type callback does not quite seem suitable for this, in that no reference to the file descriptor will be passed (is there an alternative?) Also, the following note got me wondering [From the g_source_add_poll() doc]:

   The event source's check function will typically test the
   /|revents|/ field in the GPollFD
   struct and return |TRUE|
   if events need to be processed.

Shouldn't the function do the actual event handling, and return true or false based on whether or not the GMainLoop should keep watching for activity?

I'm confused... Help, anyone?

- Toralf

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