Re: gnome gnome2 gnome3 libgnome gtkbuilder anjuta: backward compatibility, time, portability

2009/1/28 Fabio Mariotti <mariotti fabio gmail com>:
>     The question is: Is glade3 stable enough?

My opinion obviously biased, Glade 3 (3.6) when released, should be
stable enough.

Currently I think we are crash free, with only some annoying usability bugs
(and cross project pastes of widget hierarchies with object property references
are buggy in svn, but also should be cleared up for 3.6, which is scheduled
for the GNOME 2.26 release).

>      I'll need some graphical tunes: libgnome or gtkbuilder? [or what is the
> difference]
>      Because I'll be working on these graphical objects..

you mean libglade vs gtkbuilder ? go with gtkbuilder, this will allow you
to dynamically build your treeviews and cell renderers, and give you
generally more access to gtk+ api via the ui file than libglade did.
(libglade is pretty much deprecated by now and unmaintained anyway).

>     Gnomecanvas or drawable area?
>     And I am the lonely programmer..
>     long life widgets?
>    I can rewrite the application now. But I will not do it again.
>    Any suggestion?

Unfortunately I think there is still no officially selected canvas widget
for gtk+, I would stay away from gnome canvas and at the moment
would suggest you look at goocanvas for a canvas api.


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