Re: gnome gnome2 gnome3 libgnome gtkbuilder anjuta: backward compatibility, time, portability

Fabio Mariotti <mariotti fabio gmail com> writes:

>    Dear (lib)G guys,
>    I am a bit confused. Never the less I have 2 complex questions:
>    1) This is general. I am an old time programmer and I got fascinated
>       from all this new GUI, RAID, Interfaces and autoconf stuff.
>       Assuming that today is 2009/01/28: What would it be the best
>       best RAID development environment for graphical application
>       within linux? What is the best if I add as requests: backward
>    compatibility,
>       portability and stable during a long period of time?

I guess you mean RAD (Rapid Application Development) not RAID (Redundant
Array of Independent Disks)?

>     2) I wrote a glade/gnome application using anjuta. It is not ages ago.
>         It should have been maximum 2 years.
>         I installed F10 (Fedora 10: what happened to the core string?)
>         And I started to have troubles. Right now it is just to fix a
>    couple of
>         of library paths.

Why you didn't use pkg-config?

>         I am about to rewrite "fully" the graphical interface.
>         I am worried  about: libgnome, gtkbuilder and the like.
>         One reason I rewrite the application is some internal optimization
>         but the second most important reason is that I did a too heavy
>    gnome
>         application: I used the gnomecanvas and I had to load something
>         like 50000 gnomecanvas objects. You might understand why
>         I need to rewrite it. I'll post my tech problem soon here.
>        I might have an heavy gtk application (it is not
>        a game, but a pure gtk application) which needs some tunes.
>        The question is: Is glade3 stable enough?

Yes I guess. It have been stable for a while. Anyway - glade3 is only an
application to create files so anytime it crashes you literary see it.

>         I'll need some graphical tunes: libgnome or gtkbuilder? [or what
>    is the difference]

You mean libglade or gtkbuilder?
gtkbuilder is sucessor of libglade (or rather integration of it into
core gtk+) and shoud be used.

libgnome have little in common with gtkbuilder but generally it is
designed to be 'killed'.

>         Because I'll be working on these graphical objects..
>        Gnomecanvas or drawable area?

I'm not sure but aren't gnomecanvas obsolete? I'm not sure what is the

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