Re: Tooltips on comboBox

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Alessandro Dentella <sandro e-den it> wrote:
> In my attempt to get tooltips I see that as I click on the arrow and the
> popup appears, the tooltip disappears.

This is also because GTK+ hides a tooltip as soon as something is
clicked to avoid the tooltip getting in your way.

> It seems the popup is a different gtk.Widget, and I should connect to that
> one to attach tooltips. Is that correct? and in case how can I have that
> widget?

Yes, the popup is a different widget.  There is no API call to access
this popup widget directly (this has also been done deliberately,
since the popup widget/window can change when the theme changes and in
general people shouldn't mess around with it ;).

> Can somebody clearify which is the way a ComboBox pops a menu and how I can
> get to it's components to set a tooltip?

Right now I don't see a way how to easily set a tooltip on the combo
box popup.  I do agree that this would be very useful to be able to do
and we should support this in a future version of GTK+.



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