Building Pango (1.22.4) on Win32

the current win32 Pango 1.22.2 binary build has a severe memory leak (#562574).
I'm a build novice (I use PyGtk) but I managed to build Pango (1.22.4)
myself using MinGW and it seems to be working well (even complex

However I did not follow the README.win32 as it locked out of date and
instead took a shot in the dark.

What I did to compile Pango 1.22.4 (OS Win XP SP2):
* Installed the current GTK win32 bundle in C:\GTK\2.0 (added
"C:\GTK\2.0\bin" to path).
* Installed Mingw , Msys and MsysDTK (in default locations)
* Opened Msys (console) and configured make using "with-included-modules" flag:
  "./configure --with-included-modules"
* Compiled using make, it failed first time but continued on the 2:nd try.
* Installed using make install.
* The installed result was now present in C:\msys\1.0\local
* Selected all and copied over the installed GTK (C:\GTK\2.0)
replacing existing files.

This seems almost too easy so I suspect I forgot something. Also, I do
not know the parameters used for the the official builds. Is this
documented someplace?

Is there any time plan for the next updated of the Pango Win32
binaries? (I really trust them a lot more).

Best Regards,

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