Strange Font Problem

Hi all, i have a GTK+ application working on an embedded platform.

The app have a app.rc file for the gtk settings, and that file is loaded
because I can see rc styles applied in my GUI.
I compile and test in a developer machine with KDE, and I can see correct
font size when I run the application.

Then I moved the application on the production machine, where are installed
only Xorg server and matchbox-window-manager. The problem I encountered was
the following:

1) If I start only X I can see the correct font size in the application.
2) If I start X and matchbox-window-manager I see small fonts. <--- This is
the problem
3) If I compile application for gtk/DirectFB and lunch it, I see the correct
font size.

I'm not sure this is a GTK problem, but I don't understand the interaction
by the windows manager and gtk when an rc file is provided.
Even if windows manager has its own themes (and it is not my case because I
didn't install matchbox-theme), rc file should not override these themes?

Thanks in advance


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