Re: gdk window clear area problem???

On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 12:19 +0530, Mohith Manoj wrote:
> Dear Paul, Thanks for the quick reply.
> The reason I chose to draw in a function other than the
> on_expose_event is, there are other static things (lines, shapes and
> text labels) which do not overlap (or need to be updated along) with
> the number being displayed, for then I will have to redraw the entire
> widget! 

then use a variant of queue_draw() that just queues up a redraw of a
specified rectangle or region (a set of rectangles).

alternatively, draw outside the expose event handler into an off-screen
drawable (e.g. a pixbuf), and in the expose handler, copy from the
relevant part of the pixbuf into the window.

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