gdk window clear area problem???

Hi all, this is my first post in the list. Please forgive any mistkes.

I am developing a gtkmm application in linux under x86 platform (LibC and X11). My target is mips board (with uCLibC and DirectFB).
A custom widget in my app is supposed to show its content (couple of numbers) in a blinking manner. For that I have a timer based system where a function is called regularly (it doesnt trigger on_expose_event) which erases the background on every call (using Gdk::clear_area) and paints the value only on alternate calls. This works fine in my dev platform. In my target board the blinking doesnt work and I know the function is getting called (regularly!). Since gtkmm is just a wrapper I suspect the problem is somewhere deep inside. My guess is the clearing is not occuring as expected. I checked gdkwindow.c for any target dependencies but couldn't find any.

Please help.

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