GTK application automated testing [by Jonathan]

Hi all,

My name is Jonathan and I'm working with GTK+.
I have developped an application un linux Ubuntu and now I want to test my application following some test cases.

I want those tests to be automated.
For that, I used X11:GUITest which allows me to emulate keyboard, mouse and so on using PERL script (That part is OK).

My testing is for me 50% complete because I can automate some user actions but I don't know how to do to check that I'm in the good state in my application (the other 50%) which means, that I want to konw if I insert insert a probe in my PERL script to know what my application did.

For example, I push the button "Write" and then I write "Hello World".
Is the button "Write" has been pressed?
Is the tesxt "Hello World" has been written?

Do we have the possibility to take the GTK trace or logs ?

I hope someone will be able to lighten this questions.

Thanks a lot for your help.

With best regards,


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