Menu-Bar eating notification area r-click

Hello all,

I build my app using GTK 2.14.2 and use gtk_status_icon to create a tray icon
I noticed that occasionally when I right click on the menu-bar and then on the Tray Icon the click is eaten
to eliminate a bug in my code, I run GIMP and came up with the following scenario

* drag the GIMP main window down behind the notification area until only the menu bar is visible (the "File" menu should be somewhere above the "Show hidden icons" button)
* click on "File" to open the file menu
* move the mouse so it leaves the window from the *left* window border and curve down to the notification area
* right click on any notification are icon 

the click is eaten

Although this scenario is odd, it does provide a positive reproduction of the bug which also occasionally happens in normal operation
Does anyone know what causes this inconsistent behavior?

Best regards

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