Why aren't context menus automatic?


I was recently making context menus with GTK. The matter seems unusually
complicated. One must manually piece together various signals simply to
trigger the menu, including a handler for the right mouse button being
pressed. (I'm used to GTK abstracting that to stuff like "activated").

I guess there's one good thing I can say about it: this has clearly
encouraged user interface design where the things are avoided and their
values seriously investigated each time. However, I hope that isn't the
only reason!

So, rather than continue yelling at my IDE, I feel it would relieve some
suffering if I just asked: why is this? Why aren't context menus more
like tooltips, for example, where you just say
gtk_widget_set_tooltip_window (or text) and it's done?

It's not that I'm angry. I'm just curious, because I want to feel like
this extra fiddling is worth something. Otherwise, am I missing
something obvious that makes this really easy? Is this a spot that
actually does need help?

Dylan McCall

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