bg color set in code over-ridden by gtkrc

Hi all,
I am changing the color schemes both within the code as well as with the help of gtkrc file for my application. Path of the gtkrc file is "/usr/share/themes/ConMan/gtk-2.0/gtkrc". I included it in the code by the function gtk_rc_set_default_files() (The gtkrc file is attached with the post). I made the changes in the code using command gtk_widget_modify_bg(). I hope the priority of the function used in the code is higher than the gtkrc file included.
Now it behaves exactly as I assumed in Fedora 8 (GTK+-2.12), while when I run the same application in similar scenario in CentOS-5.3 (GTK-2.8), the priorities change. The changes made by gtk_widget_modify_bg() are reflected and are then quickly over-ridden by the settings in the gtkrc file. What can be the reason for this? I am using the same gtk rc files in both the system. Is there csomething I can do to set the priorities ?
Thanks in advance.

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